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Welcome to My Diary!

Hello, my friends! It’s been awhile!

These past few months I have been taking the time to do much reflecting on what content I truly want to create, why I should create it, and what do I feel you as the reader can get out of all of it.

The truth is, for so long I have felt like I’m being pulled in two separate directions – one that I want to go in, and one that I feel I’m expected to go in. It’s been exhausting and frustrating to say the least. I want to create content that resonates with you all, but that also makes me happy and keeps me inspired and motivated to create it. And honestly, I’ve been neither happy nor inspired lately. Which is why I had to take a step back, and really ask myself what it is that I want to do, why I want to do it and why would anyone care?

I came to the conclusion that first and foremost, if I’m not creating content that resonates or inspires me then it surely won’t resonate or inspire anyone else! 

Next, I had to ask myself – what does that look like? What is it that stirs excitement in my soul? That makes me want to share it with all of you? 

God’s honest truth? It’s not really just one thing that ignites my creative fire. It’s several. Most of all, of course,  it’s music. learning it, listening to it, singing it and sharing/teaching it – that is my creative happy place. That is the place where I can let all of my worries disappear for a few moments and allow myself to be swept up in the beautiful and complex melodies of Mozart or Schubert or Handel, where I can be transformed from socially awkward nerd girl to a fierce queen! But I’ll save all of that for another post! 

I also get really excited about beauty and skincare – especially if the products are made with my health and the health of the planet in mind. The green beauty industry was just starting to grow when I first started blogging several years ago and now it’s becoming a formidable giant. So much so that it’s forced many big corporations to go more green! 

So why should you care about any of this? 

Well, you might not. 

But, I know that the past year or so has been really hard for all of us. The stress of everything has pretty much beaten many of us up and done a number on our mental, emotional and just overall well-being. 

For me, music has always been a way for me to escape whatever hardships I was going through – whether it was depression, a break-up, or the loss of a loved one. Like I mentioned earlier, it allows me to lose myself for a time and experience something positive and beautiful. I think that is something everyone can benefit from. 

We’ve also become more invested in both our health and the health of this planet. I believe that by supporting the industry that is committed to reducing its carbon footprint, we are making a difference. Think of what would happen if everyone started buying the eco-friendly brands over the conventional! 

So, what can you expect here on my site?

Obvi lots of music content! 😉 I want to share all of it – what music I love, what I sing, why I sing it, how I learn it, what struggles I am going through learning a piece, how it’s been helping my overall health, and whatever else comes to mind.

I’ll also be sharing my favorite, as well as new,  green beauty and wellness products – both affordable and luxe, why I started using them, which ones work best during a performance, event or long night out, what supplements I take for my health, and of course, discount codes if I have any! 

Lastly, I’ll be sharing more personal content that I haven’t shared previously and letting you all see a side of me that until now has been kept pretty private. 

This is after all, my diary, the place where I share my deepest thoughts on the things most important to me.

Brie xo

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