Product Photography Service for Brands - An Overview

For every review and every post I create, I take photos of the product I am sent. My personal aesthetic has always been crisp, clean, and bright and I tend to favor flat lays with a white or white marble background. 

However, I am not married to that aesthetic. If a brand I am working with wishes to have their products photographed in their personal aesthetic, then I can happily do that. I created this service so that the brand themselves can have creative input, but also so that they can have photos taken that are exclusively for their own usage. 

So, how will this work?

First of all, there are two packages that a brand can choose from.

Package One – $400 


  • 1:1 consult via email or 45 minutes on ZOOM on what your ideal vision for your product photography will look like. We’ll create a mood board of the aesthetic you have in mind that will match your brand. 
  • photos edited in your unique style – 5 to be sent for your approval before final edits/touches are made on all.
  • 10 custom designed canva templates created exclusively for you to showcase your photos on your Instagram. You’ll be able to edit the fonts and colors if your aesthetic ever changes.
  • 50-100 photos for you to use however you’d like (I’d just ask to be given credit as the photographer/editor)
  • two social media posts + 2 stories announcing your boutique photos

Package Two – $200


  • email or 30 minute ZOOM consult to discuss your brand style, photo aesthetic, etc. Mood board to help with colors and fonts.
  • photos edited in your unique style – 1-2 photos will sent for your approval to make sure they’re in line with your vision.
  • 3 custom designed canva templates that you can customize for your brand style
  • 10-20 photos for you to use however you’d like (giving credit to me as photographer/editor)
  • one social media post + story announcing your boutique photos

Payment plans are available for both packages.

Package One:

  • full payment of $400
  • two payments of $200
  • four payments of $100
  • 5 payments of $80

Package Two:

  • full payment of $200
  • two payments of $100
  • four payments of $50

*if paying in full, payment is due at the start works begins. If paying in installments, increment payments will be once a week until paid off, with the first payment due once work begins and the last before work is sent. Final photos will not be sent until all payments have been received.

Brands, regardless of which package they choose or don’t, will have the option to purchase my uniquely created photos as stock photos on their site if they’d like. Credit will still need to be linked back to me, Sabrina Zimmerman, as the photographer/editor.

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