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I’ve been blogging for about 10 years now. And in that time I’ve changed the name and direction of my blog several times. When I first started, my site was called Chickweed & Blush and I wanted to focus on my struggles with acne and how using natural skincare and beauty products and eating an organic diet helped me. Then I changed it to The Brunette Ecoholic still focusing on natural products and an organic lifestyle. Then as I began to dip my toes back into the music and singing community, I changed the name yet again to The Brunette EcoDiva to reflect both my passion for clean beauty and music. But because I just wasn’t feeling that was truly me, I once again renamed my site to The Eco-Conscious Soprano – this seemed to be more of the direction I was heading. My entire lifestyle had shifted to one that incorporated both eco-responsible products and living as well as being fully back into music. But after a while I realized that although my lifestyle and love of clean beauty will never change, my primary focus and passion is to study, teach, sing and share music. So…for the (hopefully) final time, I changed the name of my blog to completely embrace who I am at this point in my life, where I am headed and what I love most. Now, my blog is a Diary of a Soprano.

Because my blog has undergone so, so many changes, I’ve taken off many of my older posts, keeping only the most recent before I began revamping this last time. But I still wanted you to be able to read some of those posts, so I created this page with links to my favorites. 

They are all password protected with the same password – Archives