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meet brie

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About Me: The Blog

After struggling most of my life with acne and the scars it left behind, as well as other health issues, and not finding any relief from conventional medicines or cosmetics, I began a quest to find healing through music, organic foods and natural skincare.

I am very passionate about wellness and clean beauty and love to discover and share brands that are both healthy for me as well as the environment.

I created my blog in 2013 (which has undergone a gazillion names and rebrands since then!) while I was recovering from major back surgery. I couldn’t perform or teach music, and I have always loved to write, so it seemed like a good way to keep my mind occupied while I recovered.

But I didn’t want my blog to be just any blog, I wanted to create a space where I could not only share my love for music, clean beauty, and eco-conscious living, but also where I could openly share my skin and health struggles and connect with others who were dealing with the same problems. A place to share, connect, encourage and uplift one another – and also discover some great products & songs along the way!

I hope you’ll enjoy spending time here!

Brie xo

A few fun facts

  1. I have a background in visual and literary arts as well as music
  2. I love horror movies and reading comic books
  3. I live on a wine trail

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