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Un peu de tout {œ̃ pø də ty} - French for a "little of everything" - which is what you'll find here! So sit back, grab a glass of Pinot Noir and dig in! 

For as long as I can remember I've loved to sing and act and experiment with make-up and skincare. 

As a performer, I learned that using products that would hold up under stage lighting but wouldn't break me out was challenging. It wasn't until I was introduced to clean beauty that I found a solution to both of those issues. Now, my goal is to share the benefits of using cleaner, more eco-friendly products, both on-stage and off!

I'm also a big advocate of wellness and using different forms of Art (singing, design, writing) as part of my self-care practice. This blog is a compilation of everything I love and do (un peu de tout) and I hope you enjoy what you find here!

Hi friends, I'm Brie —

the girl behind the blog

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Hey, everyone! I have some new Femme Luxe picks that I want to share. Once again, I am not modeling these – I recently found out that I may have an abdominal hernia, which would explain why my stomach has been having some of the issues it has been. 🙁 Sooo…since I am too uncomfortable […]

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